Increase of Raccoons in Roslyn

Keep Outdoor Garbage Receptacles Secured
*** NOTICE ***
Village Hall has received reports of an increase in raccoon activity within the Village of Roslyn.  We have been in contact with Town of North Hempstead Animal Control regarding this issue, however, little can be done when it comes to wildlife moving away from their habitats.
There are two factors adding to this increase of raccoon activity within our suburban neighborhoods.  The first is specific to the construction taking place at Gerry Park.  Wildlife habitats are being disturbed while the Town of North Hempstead renovates the park.  Raccoons and other wildlife are looking for food as well as other areas to burrow or nest.
The second factor relates to the current global pandemic, COVID-19.  Raccoons, as we know, scavenge for food.  As restaurants were closed or running curbside pickup during quarantine, the restaurants produced much less edible garbage for raccoons.  Now, more raccoons are coming into the neighborhoods looking for food.
It is very important that all residents and merchants keep their garbage cans tightly secured.  When raccoons cannot find food, they move on to another area.  By keeping all garbage secured so that raccoons and other rodents cannot get to what’s inside, hopefully they will leave our neighborhoods to search elsewhere.
Thank you,
Village of Roslyn Code Enforcement