Collections Inventory

Painting of Roslyn
A large portion of this inventory was first prepared in 1992 as part of the New York State Historic Documents Inventory (HDI), a statewide survey of manuscripts and archives collections in repositories open to the public. Entries have been edited and updated where necessary. Additional collection summaries have been added.


Permission to reproduce, publish or display any or all of this inventory must be obtained in writing from the Bryant Library.


Title: Repository description.
Quantity: 35 cubic ft., 154 v., 55 linear ft.
Historical/biog note: Collecting area: History of Roslyn, N.Y.
Abstract: Papers, records, photographs, maps, and clipping files pertaining to people and history of Roslyn and vicinity. Of note are Bogart family papers, 1732-1931; papers of Christopher Morley, 1906-1951;
family papers of William C. Bryant and his daughter
Julia Bryant, 1824-1908; account books from Roslyn
Mills, 1850-1877; and records from local organizations
including Roslyn Visiting Nurse Association, Bryant
Library, Roslyn Neighborhood Association, and the
Council for Community Preservation.
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Legal citations: Telephone: 516-621-2240. ext.1 Please call for appointment.
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LOCATION: Bryant Library, 2 Paper Mill Road, Roslyn, NY 11576.


Quantity: 30 v.
Abstract: Account books of individuals and businesses largely in Roslyn, including Benjamin and William Rushmore, 1814-1843; William M. Johnson, 1850; Jeremiah Remsen, carpenter, 1816-1840; Jacob M. Kirby, blacksmith, 1853-1856; Mrs. Walter Weeks' household account, 1906-1915, and order book of Walter Weeks, 1908; workman's time book and wage records from the Long Island Lighting Company, 1906-1908; and unidentified dry goods stores, 1847-1848 and undated. Other volumes include records of cargo transfers at Roslyn wharfs, 1853-1854, and for sloops in Hempstead Harbor, 1863; and account books of the sloops RUTH T. HICKS, 1852, and GENERAL GEORGE WASHINGTON, 1853-1872.


Title: H. Bogart Seaman Papers, 1732-1930.
Quantity: 4 cubic ft.
Historical/biog note: Family of Roslyn and Oyster Bay, N.Y.
Abstract: Letters, account books, receipts, indentures, bills of sale, legal papers, licenses, wills and estate papers, maps, bonds, military papers, inventories, poetry manuscripts, genealogy, and memorabilia. Persons represented include Daniel Bogart (1787-1861), Daniel Bogart (1820-1896), Dr. Joseph H. Bogart (1846-1926), and Elbert H. Bogart. Letters, 1798-1913, concern visits, family health, accounts, roads, politics, water rights, military pensions, Joseph H. Bogart's college career, medical matters, land transactions, and genealogy. Account books include family accounts (in Dutch), 1762-1773; Frederick Siminson's record of cows and horses sold, 1775 (partly in Dutch); assessment rolls for the Town of North Hempstead, 1801 and 1808; record of births, deaths, marriages, and natural phenomena kept by Elizabeth and Mary Bogart, 1826-1857; record of medical notes, prescriptions, and diagnoses kept by Dr. Joseph H. Bogart, ca. 1895, and a scrapbook on his medical career, 1872-1918. Other items of note include bill of sale for a slave, 1743; poetry of Dr. John Ordronaux; and essays by Joseph H. Bogart while at Amherst College, 1867-1869. Other family names include Albertson, Hegeman, Onderdonk, and Townsend.
Language: English and Dutch.
Finding aids: Unpublished finding aid.


Quantity: 22 v., 1 cubic ft.
Abstract: Minute book, 1878-1924; stock book, 1879; register of members, 1933-1967; account book, 1879-1928; accession books, ca. 1878-1953; architectural drawings by Henry Titus Aspinwall and others, 1947-1968, for Library buildings and grounds; and files of correspondence, financial records, legal papers, newsletters, clippings, receipts, contracts, programs, and other items, 1931-1974, pertaining to bequests and gifts, physical plant, legal suits, and other administrative matters.


Author: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN, 1794-1878.
Title: Family papers, 1824-1908.
Quantity: ca. 115 items.
Reproduction note: Bryant's letters to Abraham Lincoln are photocopies.
Historical/biog note: Poet, journalist, resident of Roslyn, N.Y.
Abstract: Papers of William C. Bryant and his daughter Julia Bryant, and other family members, consisting of
letters, manuscripts, deeds, leases, agreements, accounts, lists, obituaries, and genealogy. Letters of W.C. Bryant, largely to his daughter Julia, 1840-1878, concerning Roslyn news, Bryant Library, trips, visits, health, his wife's cemetery monument, events at their estate Cedarmere, horses, business matters, Civil War, landscape design at Cedarmere, and gardening. There are photocopies of his letters to Abraham Lincoln recommending individuals for positions and commenting on political issues, 1860-1864; and a copy of a letter from Thomas Cole inviting Bryant to visit him in Catskill, 1840. Letters of Julia Bryant, 1837-1887, concern her father's affairs, visits, travel, and social news; and other family letters, 1854-1908, concerning Roslyn news, health, and W.C. Bryant's manuscripts.


Cemetary Records see ROSLYN CEMETARY


Title: CLIPPING FILE, 1852-
Quantity: 66 linear ft.
Arrangement: By subject.
Abstract: Clippings, articles, typescript text, chronologies, pamphlets, certificates, genealogy, letters, maps, photocopies of photographs, and other items pertaining to Roslyn individuals and history. Subjects include artists, authors, biography, William C. Bryant, Bryant Library, Black community, businesses, churches, clubs, community preservation, fire department, government, health, Hempstead Harbor, historic houses, other houses, Christopher Morley, organizations, paper mill, schools, transportation, and war.


Title: Records, 1955-1968.
Quantity: ca. 3 cubic ft.
Abstract: Correspondence, memoranda, reports, clippings, booklets, articles, flyers, petitions, photographs, and legal documents concerning community opposition to plans to build an incinerator and dump into Hempstead Harbor.


Title: DIARY COLLECTION, 1849-1885.
Quantity: .5 cubic ft. Typed transcript.
Historical/biog note: Anna Onderdonk (1839-1885) and Maria Onderdonk
(1832-1883) lived in Manhasset. Rev. Samuel F.
Johnson moved to Roslyn in 1876.
Abstract: Collection includes 33 volumes kept by sisters Anna Onderdonk, 1849-1885, and Maria Onderdonk, 1851-1858, concerning trips to New York City, church and Sunday School, sewing society meetings, social life, visiting funerals, holiday entertainments, death of their mother in 1857, hired help and domestic chores, with long accounts by Maria of trips to Canada and Boston, 1850-1852; one volume kept by Dr. D.B. Whitney, 1869, concerning weather and daily activities, with very little on his medical practice; and one volume kept by Rev. Samuel F. Johnson at Amagansett, Long Island, 1852, concerning sermons preached, pastoral duties, visits, weather, and other daily news.


Title: DOCUMENT COLLECTION, 1636-1981.
Quantity: ca. 16 cubic ft.
Abstract: Certificates, receipts, bonds, deeds, mortgages, accounts, letters, programs, reports, apprenticeship indentures, architectural drawings, autograph albums, pamphlets, bankbooks, bills, broadsides, leases, military papers, agreements, genealogy, clippings, wills, and estate papers pertaining to the history of Roslyn and vicinity. Subjects include land transactions, Jericho Plank Road Company, businesses, local organizations, churches, cemeteries, Civil War, commerce, shipping, fire department, local government, mills, roads, Roslyn Harbor, and schools. Family names include Clowes, Eastman, Godwin, Hegeman, Hennessey, Hicks, Kirby, Remsen, Seaman, Searing, Speedling, Tatterson, Thorn, and Wood. Items of note include sermons and theological writings of Wallace W. Kirby, 1859-1862, and a letter by Kirby mentioning a school for Black children in Roslyn, 1869; Republican canvass book for Election District No. 2, Town of North Hempstead, 1912; and architectural drawings by Calvert Vaux's firm of the Godwin estate in Roslyn, 1869.
Finding aids: Card index.


Corp agency: G.A.R.(Grand Army of the Republic), ELIJAH WARD POST #654.
Title: Records, 1862-1938.
Quantity: 26 items. 1 microfilm reel.
Abstract: Post formed by Roslyn veterans of the Civil War.Includes minute books, general and special orders book, descriptive book, membership list, applications, letters, agreement for erection of soldier's monument in Roslyn Cemetery.


Title: Papers, 1897-1997
Quantity: 5.5 cubic feet
Historical/biog note: Charles H. Hechler (1881-1962) his wife, Catherine Hauhart Hechler (1880-1976), sons Charles (1912-1995) and Ken (1914- .) Charles H. Hechler was superintendent of "Harbor Hill," the Roslyn estate of Clarence H. Mackay from 1907-1938. In 1931 this section of the Roslyn area became part of the Incorporated Village of East Hills. Son Charles remained in East Hills, son Ken moved to West Virginia and became active in politics. In 1959 Ken was elected to Congress and later served as Secretary of State of West Virginia.
Abstract: Includes personal correspondence, household bills, deeds and documents related to Roslyn Neighborhood Association, Roslyn Heights Garden Club,
and local political activities. Also includes correspondence, limited employment and salary records, and other records relating to the operation of the C. H. Mackay estate.
Finding Aid: Inventory available.


Title: Scrapbooks, 1898-1924, incomplete.
Quantity: 50 v.
Arrangement: Chronological.
Additional phys form: 9 microfilm reels.
Historical/biog note: The family of John William Mackay, his wife Marie Louise Hungerford Mackay, their son Clarence H. Mackay, and his wife Katherine Duer Mackay. The Clarence Mackays lived on their Roslyn estate, "Harbor Hill," designed by Stanford White. Katherine Mackay was founder of the Equal Franchise Society.
Abstract: Newspaper clippings on the business, political, social, andcultural lives of John William Mackay, Marie Louise Hungerford Mackay, Clarence H. Mackay, and Katherine Duer Mackay. Subjects include silver mining, Postal Telegraph Company, Commercial Cable Company, new technologies in telegraphy, labor unions, strikes, monopolies, government control and regulation of telegraphy business, woman suffrage, temperance, motherhood, divorce, high society, national politics, Roslyn, women in the work place, auto races, horse racing, fashion, and philanthropy of the Mackays.
Finding aids: Subject index.


Title: MAP COLLECTION, [ca. 1675]-1984.
Quantity: 200 items.
Reproduction note: Photocopies or facsimiles in part.
Abstract: Maps for the Town of North Hempstead, village of Roslyn, Roslyn Harbor, Long Island, individual
estates, Nassau County, and New York City. Copied items include a map of Long Island by Robert Ryder,
ca. 1675, map of Westbury by H.E. Hawphurst, 1760,
coast survey maps of Hempstead Harbor, 1837, and maps depicting the Revolutionary War in New York and on Long Island. There is also a map of the North Hempstead & Flushing Turnpike, 1835; and atlases for
Nassau County, 1873-1965, New York State, 1919, and
New York City, 1907. Copies of Sanborn Fire Insurance
Company maps of Roslyn, 1886-1941, on 1 reel microfilm.
Finding aids: Card file index.


Title: Papers,1907-1917.
Quantity: 1.5 cubic feet.
Historical/biog note: Edna I. Moger and George F. Moger purchased a home in Roslyn in 1904. Active in local civic affairs, their son Roy, was born in 1907.
Abstract: Business correspondence; personal receipts and billheads for household purchases in Roslyn, Brooklyn & Manhattan.


Author: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER, 1890-1957.
Title: Papers, 1906-1951.
Quantity: 2 cubic ft.
Historical/biog note: Christopher Darlington Morley was an author and resident of Roslyn Estates, N.Y.
Abstract: Papers largely relate to his writing career and include correspondence, manuscripts of poems and
articles, postcards, bills, receipts, sketchbook, pamphlets, clippings of his reviews and articles, and
photographs. Correspondents include William S. Hall,
Harry Scherman, Meredith Wood, William Colescott, John Canrad, Alfred Lee, Cyril Lewis, Ken McCormack, Rose Modisette, and Jerry Vogel. On long term loan from Nassau County.
Finding aids: Inventory list.


Title: Records, 1960-1975.
Quantity: 2 cubic ft.
Historical/biog note: Christopher Morley (1890-1957) was a journalist and poet living in Roslyn Estates, N.Y. His writing studio was called "Knothole."
Abstract: Minutes, correspondence, lists, articles, clippings, programs, pamphlets, brochures, and other items concerning the organization's work to preserve
Morley's studio in Roslyn and his memory.


Title: Papers, 1951-1984.
Quantity: ca. 1 cubic ft.
Historical/biog note: Author.
Abstract: Papers pertaining to her books on Christopher Morley, THREE HOURS FOR LUNCH and CHRISTOPHER MORLEY ON LONG ISLAND, including correspondence, drafts and a finished manuscript, reviews, research notes, and other miscellaneous items, including some letters from Morley family members.


Newspapers see ROSLYN NEWS


Title: PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION, [ca. 1860]-1989.
Quantity: ca. 3,500 items.
Abstract: Photoprints, postcards, and glass plate negatives of people, places, and events in Roslyn, N.Y. Subjects include Bryant Library, businesses, churches, clubs, estates, fire department, Hempstead Harbor, houses, mills, organizations, schools, streets,
transportation, and other villages in the area.Includes
images by local photographer, William H. Pickering.
Includes about 250 glass plate negatives (unidentified)
by Jacob Sutton Mott, of the Roslyn area in the 18880s.
Finding aids: Index of subjects.


Quantity: 5 v.
Abstract: Collection includes minute book of the Roslyn Landing Association, 1852-1893, concerning their mail and cargo boat business between Roslyn and New York City; minute book of the Roslyn Presbyterian Sabbath School, 1890-1891; minute book of the Ladies Aid Society of the Roslyn Methodist Episcopal Church, 1896-1902, with accounts and photographs; and letter press copybook of Ralph Kirby, merchant, 1876-1897; Methodist Church of Roslyn, Seeringtown[Searingtown],Cow Bay Charge, record
book of baptisms, marriages, probationers and list of members, 1861-1875.


Corp/Agency author: ROSLYN CEMETERY
Title: Interment records, 1861-1984.
Quantity: 5 v., 2 microfilm reels.
Reproduction note: Photocopies.
Reproduction note: Microfilm.
Location of orig/dup: Originals are at the Roslyn Cemetery.
Abstract: Notebooks containing photocopies of interment record cards kept by the Roslyn Cemetery, 1861-1984, giving location, plot, owner, and deceased for burials back to 1896; and microfilm of the original record cards.


Corp/Agency author: ROSLYN GRIST MILL
Title: Records, 1850-1877.
Quantity: 30 v.
Historical/biog note: Grist mill which began operation ca. 1706.
Abstract: Daybooks, sales records, ledgers, and cashbooks from the grist mill run by Benjamin Hicks and his brothers.


Title: Records,1936-1976.
Quantity: 1 cubic foot.
Historical/biog note: In 1916 mill was given to group of trustees.It was operated as a museum and later a tea house. Ownership transferred to Nassau County in 1976.
Abstract: Financial records, minutes of the Board of Trustees, correspondence, museum inventory and appraisal.


Corp/Agency author: ROSLYN HIGH SCHOOL
Title: Yearbooks, 1927--Present (incomplete)
Quantity: 6 linear feet.
Historical/biog note: High School level Regents certification began in Roslyn in 1904. Charter received from NY State in 1907. High School Building erected in 1926 on land donated by Clarence Mackay. First Yearbook produced in 1927.
Abstract: Missing yearbooks: 1946,47,48; 1952,53; 1979,80;1989.


Title: Records, 1914-1952.
Quantity: ca. 4 cubic ft.
Abstract: Correspondence, minutes, legal papers, financial records, and reports pertaining to their activities on behalf of the Roslyn community, including relief work, road improvements, the railroad depot,
beautification projects and the War Memorial Building.


Corp/Agency author: ROSLYN NEWS
Title: Newspaper, 1878--Present (imcomplete)
Quantity: 88 microfilm reels; bound copies.
Historical/ biog. note: Roslyn News began publishing in 1878. Large gaps in all existing holdings of this publication.
Abstract:On microfilm: 1878-1896;1898-1900;1903;1926;1929-30;
1931;1933-35; 1960-1994.
Bound/Paper copies:1952-1959; 1995-Present.


Title: Records, 1914-1969.
Quantity: 1.5 cubic ft.
Historical/biog note: The Roslyn District Nursing Association was formed in
1912. It was chartered by the state in 1951 and
changed its name to Roslyn Visiting Nurse Association.
Abstract: Records include minutes, 1933-1951 and 1953-1962;
nurse reports, 1921-1964; milk fund records,
1961-1967; annual reports, 1914-1956 (incomplete), and
miscellaneous reports, 1949-1969; and two scrapbooks
of clippings and announcements, 1953-1971.


Author: SPEEDLING, STEPHEN, 1839-1922.
Title: Business papers, 1866-1923.
Quantity: 13 v.
Historical/biog note: Roslyn contractor and builder.
Abstract: Papers include statement books, account books, work records, diaries with accounts, clippings, bills, and photographs.
Finding Aid: Cataloged with manuscripts.


Quantity: 1942-43; 1957; 1968-Present
Historical/biog note: Roslyn area only.
Abstract: Some phone books arranged by address.