Roslyn Historic Homes and Buildings

From the Onderdonk-Remsen-Gaine Paper Mill, located in Roslyn Park which dates back to 1773 to more recent (late 1800's, early 1900's) John Robeson Gristmill, Roslyn Village is one of the oldest Villages on Long Island.

Through the efforts of The Bryant Library, the Roslyn Landmarks Society, and the Village's Historic District Board, much of the Village's historic charm and many of its historic buildings have been preserved and restored. A Book To Walk With...Historic Roslyn, published by the Roslyn Savings Bank in 1975, lists 82 historic structures within the Village's one square mile.

Van Nostrand-Starkings House

Located at 221 Main Street, the Van Nostrand-Starkins House is the property of the Village and is leased for operation as a museum by the Roslyn Landmark Society. Visitors may view the house and its period contents from May to October. For additional information, call the Roslyn Landmark Society at (516) 625-4363.