Historic District Board

This section describes the jurisdiction and duties of the Historic District Board (HDB), the filing requirements to appear before the board, and recommendations for applicants.

The Village Code details the jurisdiction of the Historic District Board as follows;

§ 15.806 Regulation of construction, alteration, removal or demolition.

(A) The exterior of any structure, site, place or building, including, without limitation, light fixtures, awnings, canopies, sidewalks, landscaping, fences, affixed benches, steps, landscape structures, such as retaining walls, paving and other exterior elements designated as an Historic Site or any place, site, structure, building or property, including, without limitation, lighting fixtures, located wholly or partly within the boundaries of the Historic/Scenic Overlay District shall not be constructed, altered, changed, moved to or from the Historic/Scenic Overlay District or demolished, in whole or in part, except in compliance with the requirements set forth in this Article.

In addition to oversight by the HDB, certain properties in the Village are listed on the National Register (Landmark Status) and may also have a "Restrictive Covenant" held by the Roslyn Landmark Society. Any work being performed on these properties will require additional review from those organizations. A list of those properties may be downloaded below.

Properties with Restrictive Covenants

Board Members

Name Title
Gay Frangella Secretary
Anne Gronan Chairperson
Jeff Rowe Member
Florence Westergard Member
John Santos Member
Charles Kemp Member