Permit Requirements

The permit process exists to protect property owners and the Village alike. Building permits are the beginning of the process whereby proposed construction is reviewed to assure compliance with the NY State Building Code which also includes the State Fire Code, Plumbing Code, Fuel Gas Code, Mechanical Code, and Energy Code. State Building Code By assuring that proper construction standards are adhered to, safety is enhanced. Every year there are thousands of deaths in the US resulting from electrical fires, carbon monoxide, deck collapses, and similar tragedies, most caused by defective equipment or improper construction or installations of equipment.

The permit process also assures that construction complies with the Village Zoning Laws. Zoning Laws are enacted by local governments to assure that construction and property uses are in keeping with the local character of the Village. The implementation of Zoning Laws over the last 70 years is very likely the reason for many people choosing to live in a Village like Roslyn. The Zoning Laws have allowed Roslyn to maintain its quaint, attractive and historic character. A good portion of Roslyn is within the Historic / Scenic Overlay District. Properties within this District are subject to additional review and approvals from the Village's Historic District Board. Guides for construction are available in the Historic Restoration section. As the list of the types of activities that are regulated is lengthy, it is recommended that you contact the Building Department when contemplating a project to determine if a permit is required.

Performing work without the required permits is not only dangerous but against the law.